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Many other brands are reluctant to use titanium, due to its high material cost and its difficultly to be welded. Traditionally, titanium is used exclusively to produce high-end performance pieces in aerospace market, expensive golf drivers and weapon systems. We at ARMYTRIX realizing titanium’s amazing potential made it our mission, no matter the cost, the manpower, the hours, to bring this superior material to the aftermarket tuning scene. Its high strength-to-weight ratio means it is extremely durable and vastly lighter than stock. Its high resistance to heat, corrosion, cracking and fatigue makes titanium the top-choice to improve overall vehicle performance. The sound produce by a titanium exhaust system throughout the rev range is truly amazing. At low revolution, it is a nice soothing rumble; at mid-range, the rumble is amplified but crisp; at high rev, it’s loud and powerful, if not threatening, you’d feel like your car is about to lift-off! Rest assured that the annoying drone, we all despised, has been carefully tuned out by our skillful acoustic engineers.

ARMYTRIX also offers an industry-leading, exclusive valvetronic technology. The aftermarket exhaust market is flooded with systems with no valve or valve systems that only offer two modes. ARMYTRIX brings you THREE DIFFERENT MODES! In ON mode, the valves are fully opened; expect your “Godzilla” to roar like never before. The OFF mode makes sure the valves are closed for your everyday driving. AUTO mode allows the user to choose when the valves open by either the RPM or by how deep the gas pedal is engaged.

ARMYTRIX exhaust systems are guaranteed to provide your GT-R with performance gains even you wouldn’t expect. We put ours through countless dyno tests, whether it’s stainless steel or titanium, impressive results were recorded. Adding 25 more horsepower, increasing the torque up by 63Nm, while running exceedingly lighter compare to stock. We are confident that our products can provide you with an even more gratifying driving experience. Let us accompany you on your quest to achieve unfathomable performance and that unmistakable sound.

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U.S. Sales: [email protected]
U.S. Orders: 626.269.7579

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