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Thanks all for the kind welcome(s). I will post more pix as soon as I get my lazy a$$ out to a nice setting.... Hmmm, now where do I find hookers in Pebble Beach???

In the interim, here are a few "sneak peak" pix (including my Certificates from the Land Rover Experience Driving School courses I've completed). I want to wait to post full glam-shots as I've not taken any new ones since completing my (cosmetic) mods which include;

- LR Gloss Black SC wheels
- LR "Range Rover" center caps
- LR brushed chrome pedals
- LR Autobiography Black side vents
- Painted door handles (Santorini Black)
- Painted SC grille (Santorini Black)
- Titanium SC front skid-plate
- Gibson exhaust tips
- Range Rover brushed chrome sill protectors
- Exterior LED bulb upgrade:front/side indicators, lic plate & reverse (rest come LED from factory)
- Removal of "SPORT" from boot
- 3M paint protection "wrap" on hood, headlamps, bumper, fenders, side mirrors & door handle "cups" (also on XF)

This website is such guilty pleasure! :eek:

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