Got another V12 - Poverty Sucks

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Just picked up this red SL65 shown in my photo album. It currently has 19" AMG rims, and I may eventually get some after market 20" rims. But in the mean time these AMG rims don't look too bad. However it seems the offset on the rear needs to come out more as the rear wheels seem tucked in too much. Anyone familiar with these rims shown and how do determine a spacer size to push them out more? I went on ebay and it seems to indicate 10mm spacer needed for pre 2013 SL, however that is only about .394 inch and doesn't seem like much.

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Haha, it seems I should have labeled the thread "wheel spacers...good, bad or ugly". But searching google, same comes up as here, various opinions all over the map. Probably only place to tell for sure is to do a legal search where cars lost their wheels and killed or injured others. Yep, this is our society, I own tons of Monster stock with all kinds of litigation over caffeine content, yet these apparently tragic wheel spacers can be bought over the counter anywhere. Anyway, if I end up getting some, I assume smaller, like 10mm or so, and regular check on torque would be the way to go. At this time I just can't fork over the big bucks for new 20" custom wheels and tires especially with my Monster stock hammered today. No rush, as the look isn't too bad as is, but I like over the top. If I find some nice used 20" that could be an option too.
When talking about big bucks, what price range do you mean?
For the modulare wheel shown on the previous page, the concave one on the left is abot $5,600 they told me for a set, then more if you want to add some color accents, and then would be good tires on top of that which I recall are not cheap either. I like those wheels but just not ready to pay that yet with my stock dump.
We actually have a set for an SL ready to go, price would be in your comfort zone as we'd like to move it right away ... here's some snaps on a similar build we did a few months earlier

Feel free to send me a note, I'll get you the details right away if you're interested ;)
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Thanks for the info on your D2 wheels. I am not too sure if that twist design to the spokes on the 8 series wheels appeal that much to me or not. Hard to tell on these things sometimes unless you see them in person, or put them against the car itself, and then you have a better feel. I am in orange county CA if you happen to have any dealers out here that may have a set so I could see. But regardless, you can email me at [email protected] with what you have and price, that would be fine too. I really like the 5 spoke design shown on the prior page 2, and that second wheel photo goes for about $4K. But I am open for options, as my mechanic continues to ponder spacers for the current ones on my car. The car would mostly be for occasional use and shows.
For spacer size you can just measure from the outside of your wheel to the fender, or wherever you want it to stick out to.
Yes poverty does suck, I grew up in it haha but hey what's in that garage. Nice SLs
I run 25mm rear spacers on my car. No issues what so ever. That said, the 65 will put a lot of Tq to the wheels. If you are going to run spacers run the best money can buy.

Btw, op. Love the car, hate he title thead, comes off as snotty.
Sent you an e-mail with info!
Good info received from all, but didn't know the title thread would be so offensive. I would change it, but can't figure out how. Maybe best to just delete it all and start a new thread like "Spacers & Wheels" or something similar.
Btw, op. Love the car, hate he title thead, comes off as snotty.
jeez... the world is PC enough already.... people will find anything to complain about.
At some point I do plan to RENNtech it at a minimum, as my SL600 flies with that set up so I really like that. All this is pretty new to me as I have only been into modified Panteras for years with simple raw HP engines, so the turbo upgrade soungs interesting too. I am kind of affraid of adding too many things that may hinder smog test or other visual inspection, as here in CA they are pretty strict. So, not sure if turbo upgrades would be an issue. Car has pretty low mileage, so I had to fork over the cash for it and leaving not that much extra to spend on other stuff. My priority first was to change out those wheels, then RENNtech and other stuff later. I seem to have clicked with the 5 star pattern and these three look pretty nice (Modulare deep dish or not, TSW and Mandrus). Mandrus comes in 20 X 11 which may be nice. TSW seems to look good too but is max 20 x 10 for the SL. Someone also told me to go with the 295/30/20 tires on the rear, because the 305/25/20 would be a rough ride with less sidewall, and also more prone to bending the wheel on unexpected bumps at high speed. Since the car has a lowering kit I like to ride it low anyway, so I figure less sidewall would be even more stiff (thats what she said).


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I know we all joke somewhat on the forum (well, exception to thread titles), but this one is serious. I was looking around for 5 spoke wheels again on the web, and came accross this thread below regarding the ADV.1. I was in the computer room going through that link and the wife looked in hearing noises as she thought I was watching porn. Those are damn nice wheels and nice photo display. I think I have to wait and save up for the ADV05 deep dish. Real nice wheels, but hell of a price. What they get what you pay for? The TSW in the third photo above is a somewhat close look to the ADV05, and only about $400 each, but they only come in 10" width for the SL65 (not sure why).
Sexy car, love the smoked tails. Those ADV.1's definitely need to go on.
Sexy car, love the smoked tails. Those ADV.1's definitely need to go on.
Yeah, but I hear the ADV05 deep dish shown here is about $10K for a set of 4. Can that be right? This photo is the ADV05 I like. TSW has a similar design shown above, but only 10" wide in a 20" wheel (which I suppose ain't bad for the price).

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beautiful car!
Stunning car bro !
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