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To enhance this already impressive performance, we offer latest Armytrix SS racing Valvetronic exhaust systems, not only does that increase the power output, The attention to detail can be seen in every component, substantial work was required to achieve the 25 horsepower output increase over stock. The GT-R system was designed to have an exotic sound, droning was carefully tuned out. You can also choose either titanium plating blue or Matte black tail pipes, the system is full Titanium using the finest materials, super light weight, large bore size for best airflow, excellent fitment and design. The system features muffler for the perfect DB pitch on idle and cruise when valves are closed, yet on high rpm red this system will scream with valves opened straight pipe.

Valves opened (Race mode): When car owners turn on the race mode (valves opened), the gas go through the section of straight pipes, this is where you get this incredibly race sound and performance gain in full throttle and it’s straight pipe all the way.

Valve closed (Street mode): When the valves are closed, the gas are redirect to the muffler section, this is where you turn the volume down in quiet mode without disturbing the neighborhoods, it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want the sound to be that loud all the time, and it helps a lot with eliminating the drones inside the car and more comfortable driving.

Valve auto adjustment (Auto mode): Especially when car owners are in driving in auto mode, the valves will automatically close to maintain backpressure at low rpm, which give you better launch-start without losing the power, when you are driving in high speed, the valves will automatically open for maximum air flow, which add more horse power to your car. You can set whatever timing your want for valves to automatically open and close by rpm or how deep you press your gas pedal, it’s a new toy making your car more fun to drive.

NOTE: Armytrix wireless valvetronic wiring is a plug-and-play system, no cutting, alteration or damage will be done to the factory settings.

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