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I just finished the list up. There are for Participants:Sponsors:potential Sponsors:Media . If you wish to add anybody just post on here. It is 90 on the list so I am going to invite some more media and potential sponsors if everyone is cool with that?

Knick Jimenez+3
Trish Jimenez
Ernesto Jimenez
Wagenwerks Crew +2
Jonathan Cats +1
Karlee Cats
Roy Cats
Julian +3
Wheels Boutique +5
Mike Sullivan
Paul Nguyen +1
Sean Sawyer +1
David Kim
Cy Shimmy +1
Paul Alfonso +2
Gary Nguyen +1
Rich Light +1
Tim WAldbridge +2
Ben Abrams +2
Roger Carmanoff+1
Elie Rothstein +8
Johnson Jeng +2
Tom Moyer +2
David Gross +1
John Rolla +1
John Eltringham +1
Cooper +1
James Roark+2
Nicole Brown +1
Danger Doll +1
Ben Chen +3
Leeza Garcia +1
Steve Saghdejian +3
Marc Nordblad+1
Rachel Francis +1
Steve Goldfield +1
Savini Forged +1
BFX Auto +1
Mo Elysaed +3
Gabriel Sevigny+3
Jorje Martinovic+1
Manu Gill+1
Avideh Zamani+1
John Rolla +1
Mike Alejos+1
Bruce McLauglin+1
Andrew Alpert+1
Roman Empire+1
Tan Nguyen+1
Mohammed S Khan+3
Nos IvanLesko+1
Sam Zaman+1
Eddie Dilberto+1
Julian Packin~Rezolution Motoring
Erik Themmen~Rezolution Motoring
Richard Disrude~Rezolution Motoring
Eli Chavez+1~Dub Magazine
John Jarasa+1 Heavy Hitters Magazine
Kurt Roland
Bryan Ellstein
DeNea McGill(goldrush bikini model)
Sean Sawyer+2
Brian Rose
Caleb Garrett+2
David Gross+2
Mike Lysiak+1
Misha +1
Mitch Sanders+5
James Roark+3
Johnson Jeng+3
Johannes Kuiper+1
John Hennessey+1
Jennifer Nicole and Tanner Foust
Matt Farah (smoking tire)
Jason Tang
Yuya Sano+3( Vip modular)
Tom Brazil +1 (Lamborghini Henderson)
Sean Lee +4
Karan Singh +2 (streetfire/
Jad Meouchy (media)
Aaron Guardo +1 (DC Performace)
Chris Dunbar+1
Frank Fillipino (
Robert Cortez(Giovanna Platinum Sponsor)
David Ahl+1 (participant)
Robert Matthes and Lloyd Bandonillo (Hot Wheels )
Guy Atherton +1 (HRE)
DuPont Registry 4
Brian Ortencio (kahn Enterprises)
Mike Mcclain(kahn Enterprises)
Juan Carlos Martinez(Kahn Enterprises)
Thomas Chuah (L4P member from Australia)

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Unbelievable we have this many supporters. Thanks for all the hard work Aimee.

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Updated List Seperated for easier use at check in time... It looks fucked up here but on Excel it is very organized.

RAW we are at 241 here.
goldrush Rally 2KX Premiere Guest List

Knick Jimenez+3 Owner
Ramin Arami Owner

Ernesto Jimenez Crew/Participant
David Kim Crew
DeNea McGill GR Model Crew/Model
Cooper Naitove+2 Crew/Participant
Verone Pangilinan CrewParticipant
Aimee Shackelford Crew
Wagen Werks Crew+2 Crew

Eli Chavez+1 Dub Media
Richard Disrude Rezolution Motoring Media
Matt Farah Smoking Tire Media
Frank Fillipino+1 media
John Jarasa+1 Heavy Hitters Magazine Media
Adam MCFarlane+4 Top Gear Media
Jad Meouchy Media Media
Julian Packin Rezolution Motoring Media
Gabriel Sevigny+3 Media
Karan Singh Streetfire/Car Domain Media
Jason Tang Seattle pics from gr Media
Erik Themmen Rezolution Motoring Media
DuPont Registry+4 Media
Gordon Stewart+2 Lug Nutzz Radio Media

David Ahl+1 Participant
Paul Alfonso+3 Participant
Andrew Alpert+1 Participant
Nicole Brown+1 Participant
Roger Carmanoff +1 Participant
Julian couhault +2 Participant
Bryan Ellstein Participant
John Eltringham+1 Participant
Roman Empire+1 Participant
Rachel Francis+1 Participant
Leeza Garcia+1 Participant
Caleb Garrett+2 Participant
David Gross+2 Participant
Nos IvanLesko+1 Participant
Johannes Kuiper+1 Participant
Rich Light +3 Participant
Mike Lysiak+1 Participant
Jorje Martinovic+1 Participant
Bruce McLaughlin+1 Participant
Tom Moyer+2 Participant
Paul N Nguyen+1 Particiant
Gary Nguyen+2 Partcipant
Marc Nordblad+1 Participant
Kurt Roland Participant
Johnson Rolla+1 Participant
Brian Rose Participant
Steve Saghdejian+3 Participant
Sean Saywer +1 Participant
Cy Shimmy Participant
Mike Sullivan+1 Participant
Sam Zaman+4 Participant
Avideh Zamani Participant

Ben Abrams+2 NWAS Sponsor
Tim Waldbridge+2 503 Motoring Sponsor
Elie Rothstein +8 Al&Eds Sponsor
Roy Cats Cats Exotics Sponsor
Karlee Cats+1 Cats Exotics Sponsor
Jonathan Cats+2 Cats Exotics Sponsor
Ben Chen+4 Exotics Boutique Sponsor
Mitch Sanders+5 Famous Autosports Sponsor
Robert Cortez+1 Giovanna Sponsor
Diko S+10 Giovanna Sponsor
Misha D+1 Misha 911 Sponsor
Mohammed Khan+4 Sam's Signs Sponsor
Wheels Boutique Family +5 Wheels Boutique Sponsor

Mike Alejos+1 VIP
Guy Atherton+2 HRE Wheels VIP
Lloyd Bandonillo Hot Wheels VIP
Tom Brazil+1 Henderson Lamborghini VIP
Juan Carlos Martinez Kahn Enterprises VIP
Thomas Chuah L4P Member from Australia VIP
Chris Dunbar+1 VIP
Mo Elysaed+3 VIP
Tanner Foust Pro Drifter VIP
Manu Gill+1 VIP
Aaron Guardo+1 VIP
John Hennessey+2 VIP
Johnson Jeng +2 VIP
Johnson Jeng+3 VIP
Sean Lee+4 L4P Superstar VIP
Robert Mattes Hot Wheels VIP
Mike McClain Kahn Enterprises VIP
Tan Nguyen+1 VIP
Jennifer Nicole VIP
Brian Ortencio Kahn Enterprises VIP
Savini Forged+1 VIP
Nick BFX Auto +2 VIP
Betim Berisha+3 VIP
Aaron Cohen+1 DC Performance VIP
Bill Wu+2 VIP
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