Going to be in AZ tomorrow through the 10th

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Whats up all. I live in Illinois. Family is out in AZ. Going to be out there tomorrow till the 10th. I will be in Gilbert and also Queen Creek. Anything going on around those parts during this time. Also, is there anything that is really cool to do there? Things I have done so far in the past include, visited some old mining town, superstition drive or something like that. Also stopped at that little diner will all the money on the walls. I think you peeps in these parts know what i am talking about. Been to the Farm/restaurant place near chandler/gilbert. Don't remember exactly. I will be doing some golfing, visiting family. Any ideas? Oh, I am also into photography as well as cars.
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Scottsdale C&C tomorrow morning, 9AM!

Shops at Gainey Village. Scottsdale Rd and Doubletree Ranch

Usually a good assortment of car exotica. Gonna try to make it with the newly modded P-car:)
CrossRoads Of The West Gun Show at The Fair Grounds...unbelievable!
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