Global Tuner Grand Prix Pictures/Vid thread

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Hi everyone!

Well the weather held up and we couldn't have asked for a better day! We all had a blast and got to see some great cars. We also had a good time during our parade lap. We would have had 3, but Me and Mike had the group lose a lap because of Hot Dogging it ;) I guess as the leader I wasn't aloud to get in first gear on the straight away and smash it all the way to the top :whistle:

With that said, for those who were not able to attend, here are my pics.

And a special thank you to L4P for buying the Corral passes.

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Looks like you were in Porsche heaven!
Thanks for sharing.
thanks for sharing Herb!!!

Did you video me and Mike racing ;)
Did you video me and Mike racing ;)
Racing??? What racing? I know not of which you refer to.
i dont know these people :inoutugh: :ashamed:

:lol: :laugh:
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^ who are those guys?? :whistle:

Great pics fellas. Surprisingly good weather and another great day.

thanks for sharing!!
Yeah, thanks for sharing. I got called into work so I could only stay for the afternoon on Saturday.

Was a blast though.

Thanks for the awesome pics... was good to meet you also had to jam early that day:D..
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