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Here is another BMW F10 535i upgraded with Armytrix performance valvetronic exhaust! Armytrix exhaust system is able to offer car owners with amazing sounds by improving low Level Tone, amplified mid-range note, and increased high pitch acoustics. Not just loud, considered about driver's comfortableness, Armytrix exhaust is practical for regular use too, there's no resonate or drone insider the car. Moreover, Valvetronic system allow driver to switch valves for from stock mode to race mode exhaust sounds. It's more than just an exhaust system, it transformed your whole driving experiences you never had before.

Exhaust system installed by AMS motorsport

Armytrix BMW 535i product page:

Video of BMW 535i with Armytrix exhaust sounds

Full set of Armytrix performance exhaust system line up on the floor, package comes with high performance cat-bypass pipe, front pipe, mid pipe, valvetronic mufflers, dual titanium blue tail pipes, and remote control module.

All parts are precision engineered for straight bolt-on installation

Technician is checking and preparing for the installation, as you can see on the other side is an M3! It's about to get an Armytrix treatment soon :D

Exhaust system is finally fitted on the 535i, both tail pipes are perfectly align in the center

Customer chose dual titanium blue tips instead of standard chrome silver tips for more stylish-look, Armytrix also offer Matte black tips as an option.

This is the critical part that makes a 535i even more powerful and sounds more aggressive, decatted down pipe with cat simulator that improves gas efficiency, added extra 20 horsepower to the car and no check engine light!

All set to go! This satisfied customer is ready to rock the streets with new Armytrix sound!

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