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The guys over at M&D Exclusive CarDesign went above and beyond to make this Audi S7 really stand out on the Nürburgring. The first thing that you probably notice is this crazy vinyl wrap job that is very unique covering the white in red and different tones of gray. Sitting underneath the wrap is a complete Prior-Design PDR700 wide body kit. Which includes a new front/rear bumper, side skirts, widening fenders, diffuser and spoiler. The car was remapped by Klasen-Motors and allows this German monster to push up to 530 HP. What really makes this freakish Audi stand out is what sits beneath the newly added fenders. That being the beautifully crafted 3pc Rennen Forged wheels.

With hips as wide as these on this S7, you’re going to need some custom forged wheels. When they’re made out of forged 6061-T6 aluminum like these Rennen Forged R60 X-Concave wheels are, it only gets better. Perfect for handling a track (like the Nürburgring or any other track) and because they’re forged they’re overtly strong as well as aesthetically pleasing. This 10 spoke wheel has little extra details cut into its intricate spokes.

These 21x10.5 wheels are finished with textured black faces, with gloss black lips and bolts giving a nice distinction on the wheels and helps complete an overall outstanding look for this S7.

For sales please contact your local Rennen Forged dealer.

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