Gallardo Nera TT Project started!

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I have started on my Nera TT project. I will be doing the fabrication and Justin from Tuning Concepts will be helping me with the ECU work.
I will be posting updated pictures here as the work progresses.

Before the tearing the car apart

ECU setup and flying lead harness

Justin from Tuning Concepts working on the wiring harness.

Labeling all the wires

Half of the wiring harness finished up! Ready to install into the car.

ECU mount fabricated

ECU mounted safely behind the passenger kick panel.

Starting to wire in the aftermarket ECU to the stock ECU

Starting on the turbo kit

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650 at the wheels should equal low 800's at the crank. We are all spoiled to seeing 1000-1500 WHP from UGR and AMS, etc., but 800 crank hp in a 3500 pound car will still be a rocket with less wheelspin and drivetrain stress.

Very cool build thread with lots of details and nice fab work. :beer:
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