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Hey guys and gals,

I have a couple sets of PUR forged wheels left from my Murcielago and I am offering a trade for a set of OEM Hermera or for sale.

Both sets are 19" front and 20" rear with P-Zero Rosso front and rear with about 80-90% tread.

I would prefer to trade for Hermera's as I need them to sell the car however I can sell these and buy Hermera's as well. Can be sold with or without tires, no curbage and etc. I have had these wheels on my 670, 640 and Reventon at one point for show. Links are as follows:

PUR 2W0 - These are now refinished Euro Chrome so high gloss silver.

PUR TEN - These are finished in Monaco Gold as in the pictures.

The previous image is the color and the actual wheel. The next image shows detail:

Guys please email me at [email protected] with questions, I rarely check this site. In hind site I should check it more :)

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