FS: OEM CSL Driver and Passenger Seats (Nor Cal Preferred)

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Hey folks, it will be sad to see this setup go, as they are the only OEM CSL parts I ever really wanted to install. There's nothing better than being able to experience the pinnacle of piloting your M3 around corners firmly planted in a lightweight OEM CSL alcantara sport seat. :D Ok, now that you're drooling, here's the details and photos below of what you get.

This is set of OEM CSL front seats. The drivers seat will come with the seat bucket and the OEM rails which mount easily into the car. Simply 4 bolts and one large German Amphenol connector (no airbag light or complications at all) and you're good to go! Probably the most difficult task is finding a torx socket to swap over the belt receptacle assembly from the stock seat to the OEM CSL bracket.

Now the passenger seat was actually acquired separately several months before I even knew I would be able to find a complete drivers side setup. It arrived straight from Germany and included all relevant tilt functional hardware attached to the seat excluding the OEM CSL floor bracket. Now being an optimist I jumped on the opportunity to immediately pick up an OEM CSL bucket for the occasional lap of the 'ring with Forza. Ok i'm kidding, well not really...

Moving on, I did quite a bit of research and ended up speaking with the guys at Speedware then Terry over at Griffin Motorwerke in the Berkeley. Terry not only stayed late on a weekday to assist me in assembling the aftermarket recaro hardware but genuinely took an interest in helping me figure out that I could easily use existing off the shelf recaro floor bracket, seat mounts, and sliders to install the seat (links below). This essentially enabled me to mount the passenger seat on the drivers side (recall that this is before I found the complete driver side from m3f member Gavin).

FS: OEM CSL Driver Seat (So Cal Prefered) - BMW M3 (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3)

Recaro hardware
SPEEDWARE BMW E46 SEAT BRACKET Arai, Sparco, Recaro, Alpinestars Race Gear Distributor

RECARO SLIDER WITH-OUT HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT #0.70.9NT Arai, Sparco, Recaro, Alpinestars Race Gear Distributor

SEAT FAB ALUMINUM SEAT SIDEMOUNT BRACKETS Arai, Sparco, Recaro, Alpinestars Race Gear Distributor

What I found was that both seat buckets are for all intensive purposes identical, and will easily mount with off the shelf recaro hardware if you dont care about the tilt function. I rarely have more than one passenger so that didnt matter to me. I had this seat installed for about a month or two before buying the complete drivers side setup and installing that.

Now since i'm usually the only one in my car 95% of the time I never bothered to pick up passenger side recaro hardware. All you would need is the passenger specific floor mount to bolt this one in on the passenger side. Both the side mounts, slider and floor mount will run you ~$380 new.

Depending on your preference I would be willing to sell the seat side mounts, and slider (which are the same regardless of side) unless you would prefer to source an OEM CSL passenger side bracket. If so, its easy enough for me to sell all the aftermarket recaro mounting hardware separately for $350 since they're basically brand new (the same hardware you would need for a pole position).

No low balling please. I'm just looking to sell for what I paid and share my good fortune with another M3 driver. As you know these are very rare items. I'm looking for $3000 firm, for both seats (complete drivers side setup + passenger bucket only). The seats are also in excellent condition.


Drivers side for $1700 firm
Passenger side for $1350 (without any recaro hardware from speedware), $1500 with non side specific side mounts and slider, or $1600 with everything you need to directly bolt the passenger OEM CSL bucket into the drivers side (Please re-read passenger side write-up above if you have any questions).

Prefer to sell them in Nor Cal, but if you are willing to pay for shipping then, I might consider figuring out how to pack these and get them to you.

If you are serious or have any questions feel free to call or email me.


Complete LHD drivers seat

Complete LHD drivers seat installed

closeup of tilt mechanism components with cover off

note OEM CSL part sticker on LHD drivers seat bracket

Bolts right into factory mount points

Just swap the belt receptacle over with a torx socket

Now here's the RHD (aka passenger seat) mounted as LHD drivers seat via the recaro brackets (as detailed above)

CSL bucket comparison while at Griffin Motorwerke (note the recaro mounts installed)

and another angle comparing both CSL seats demonstrating that the seat angle via the recaro hardware can be configured identical to when the seat is installed with an OEM CSL bracket

and finally the e46 CSL bucket vs e90/92 BMW Performance bucket photo some of you may recall I posted last year when I acquired the first seat
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glws, those seats are really nice.
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