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hey guys i bought this bike last season to cross train for MX racing bc my riding partner was gonna get one and that was the plan. well he backed out and never bought one so i rode the bike once for ten min and that was it.

i am just better at training on my MX bike. i don't know much about mountain bikes but i have been told this bike has stuff that normally is on bikes 5k and up

has disc brakes, great susp, rear lock out. comp and reb adjustments for front and rear, sag settings. you name it and it has it. i was actually amazed that you could set the sag on it like on my MX race bike.

i have some extra seat covers for it and it has a water bottle holder and it has a timer lap time computer as well that has a bunch of features.

all the reviews were great for this bike, that is why i got it when i did few months back

willing to let this go for a great deal bc i would rather it get some good use. it is literally brand new

throw out and offer and i will see if i can swing it for you guys.

prefer local deal. will deliver it or meet halfway, whatever works. NY,NJ,CT,PA areas

pm me or email [email protected]

can take better pics if need be or close ups just send me your email

have 100% selling rep here and on other forums




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