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Up for sale is an easy complete A/V solution for those with OEM NAV in their e46 M3. I purchased this setup from Tom @ European Auto Source in the fall of '06 and ran it for about 2yrs on my 2004 M3 (I believe its compatible with all e46 years + some e39's too). Eventually decided to remove it as I was traveling quite a bit on business and not driving the car as much. Since removal its been sitting in a box in my office closet as pictured below.

Install was fairly straightforward and operation of the OEM NAV to enter the proper mode was simply via pressing the clock button once. Then you are in video mode for an external DVD player, iPod, xbox or any source that has a composite video output.

Since I purchased it mainly to use with my ipod this is where the VSM module comes in. By hooking up to the ipod and running a tiny IR receiver into the cabin I was able to control all the various functions on the ipod, whether video or audio related.

Here's what you get (Lots of photos below):
Dietz Video Multimedia Interface - 1250 for e46 M3
Video Source Module (VSM) for BMW w/remote and ipod cables

For reference here's a link to EAS discussing the product in a bmw discussion below. Just search for Dietz, VSM, or look through old EAS threads on it, there's plenty of info on how to install and operate it. This is just the first one I found...

BMW M3 (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3) - View Single Post - Playing dvd on your sav nav screen

As far as price, the same Dietz product is still available for the z4/M and x3 for sale at EAS in the link below for $479, not including the video source module for the ipod.

eas - 714.369.8524 | Dietz Video Multimedia Interface - 1265

I'm Asking $300 OBO if you're local in SF, otherwise buyer would pay shipping from SF + pp fee

If you are serious or have any questions feel free to call or email me.
shaungt2 AT gmail

So you can read the description on the original packaging, here's a bit larger photo...
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