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We have a Dyno Jet AWD dyno that we are considering selling. We are just over an hour from the NYC area and about the same distance from Philly.

We purchased it used in 2006. We are looking to get $35k for it.

The rear dyno is a dynojet 248. The front is a 224 awd attachment. We recently rebuilt the wideband, new sensor and rebuilt pumps, we also just installed the auxillary input module that records boost, air/fuel, fuel pressure... Anything that has a 0-5 volt signal, that was $900. It works great, nothing wrong with it. It comes with the computer set up, etc. It comes with everything you need to run it, you will just need to dig a hole. You will also need the mounting hardware (threaded rods, bolts, etc) that is all in the installation manual. The one 2WD roller is good for 2000hp, AWD goes up to 1500

I don't think I have any pictures of the Dyno by itself, but here's one of one of our cars on it.

If you have any questions, just post up or shoot me a PM. We can help with local delivery, removal, etc if needed.

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