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I purchased this turbo kit from the gentleman who owned the below car. He had the car upgraded to a UGR Stage 3 and I purchased it for my 2004 Gallardo, but plans changed and I purchased an exhaust and wheels instead and am just enjoying the car.

I am selling it as 95% complete as I got it, everything appears to be there, but some clamps and miscellaneous may be missing. See the below pics.

I am asking $11,000 shipped or best offer

Feel free to shoot me a PM and I will share my number if you want to call and discuss. I am located north of Kansas City, MO and will ship anywhere in lower 48 states on a pallet to a dock. You pay PayPal fees or wire transfer without fees(preferred). No overseas shipping.

I will tell you I am selling it for about a third of what the original installed cost was.

Turbos are Precision 6766 as far I can tell and from what I understand in my research. Includes all electronics that came with the kit as well as all fuel, air to water and oil lines and adapters. Also includes methanol injection system.

Images do a lot of the explanation.

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