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I'm moving to England in two months and we're not taking any cars with us since we want RHD over there. So, all of my cars are for sale. Sorry if this isn't the appropriate forum on L4P for this but I didn't really see any better options.

First up is my 2005.5 Audi S4. 72k miles, only owned it for a year. Pentagon Federal Credit Union holds the title. Has lots of upgrades the previous owner (an Audi tech) accomplished - Bilstein coilovers, aftermarket 19s, sub & amp (with a clean custom install), exhaust, etc. I added an Enfig iphone adapter to the RNS-E nav suite. Car has a ton of options (previously-mentioned nav, sunroof, cold wx package w/ front & rear heated seats, 6-disc changer & SD card reader for MP3s, rear sunshades, etc). Car is AWD and has the 340ish hp V8 w/ 6-speed manual trans, handles like it's on rails and is a blast to drive. I'd keep it if it weren't for driving on the wrong side of the road. Well documented service history as well.

$20985 w/ stock 18" S4 wheels w/ 1 season Blizzak snow tires included as well.

Next is our 2007 GMC Yukon Denali. We're the only owners (bought new Nov '06) and it just clocked 100k. Title is free and clear. This truck is AWD w/ the 420hp 6.2L. Also has many options; in addition to all the standard Denali swag like the power rear liftgate, this truck also has a sunroof, the Bose stereo w/ DVD rear entertainment system, heated front & rear bucket seats, removable 3d row seats, tow package, etc. I think the only options we didn't get were the block heater, power running boards and heated steering wheel. Pretty much stock, still have the original window sticker. Complete service history including 100k mx documented. The rear backup system took a dump about 6 weeks ago; one of the rear sensors crapped out and at $200 for a sensor I haven't found the urgency to isolate/replace the faulty one. Other than that the truck is 100% sound; just needs a good detailing (we have dogs and a 9-mo old). This one's got a catch though; we're going to drive it down to Arkansas in August for leave en route and I don't know when/where I'll be flying out of the country yet. We may have to come all the way back to Boston to catch our flight, we may drive to Baltimore to catch the Patriot Express (chartered DoD flight overseas) or we may fly out of Tulsa/Wichita/Little Rock etc., so figuring out how to get the truck to a buyer may be a little tricky. Just so you are aware.

$20985 (>$4k under KBB "very good" condition)

Last is my baby, a 1965 Factory Five Racing Spyder GT, which is a roadster version of the Shelby Daytona Coupe. I'm still not sure I want to sell it; in lieu of shipping a car I do have the option of the AF paying storage fees for 3 years and I may take them up on it, but I think I'd be happier knowing someone else is enjoying it and investment-wise I could do a lot more with >$30k over 3 years than the car would appreciate. Plus, with the human baby we don't drive it much anymore since there isn't room for 3.

Anyways it is #4 of 39 (in the world) and the only. black. one. How's that for rare? They don't make these anymore. I'm the only owner, I have full build history complete w/ >300 pictures and the car has a LOT of upgrades. It's got ~1600 miles on it (I just put 230 on it a week ago driving to/from Wareham, MA for FFR's open house) so the shakedown period is just about wrapped up. The car has a 370hp Ford 347ci motor w/ a Tremec 5-speed transmission, Ford 8.8" rear w/ upgraded posi/3-link rear suspension and coilovers all around. It has 4-piston Wilwood brakes up front and Cobra rear discs and only weighs #2440. The car has lots of unique options like the RFID keyless start system. I could write a ton on everything the car has but it's probably easier to discuss on the phone with interested parties. My Spyder was legally titled as a 1965 in Arizona in accordance with Arizona titling laws and is currently registered in Oklahoma, where I was stationed last; I got a kick-ass 9/11 remembrance plate w/ a desert camo background I will be keeping.

This is probably one of those "never really finished" cars. I'm currently working on adding power steering and brakes to the car (parts are coming in this week) and I just built a center console that needs to be wrapped in something (I made a vinyl cover but it was my first attempt w/ a sewing machine and my stitches suck). I also have a bumpsteer kit I'll install when I swap my rack & pinion assy out but the car is complete and ready to drive as-is now. I've got ~$45k into the car, including a $7k paint job (no orange peel) by StreetRodPainter (Ken's Custom Auto Body) in Yuba City, CA (known for FFR jobs).

A genuine steal at $33k.

The trailer is a 16' dovetail car hauler, early 2000s model Top Brand twin #3500-axle setup. The tires have <2000 miles and are only three years old.


You can reach me at 207-475-4223 and texts are okay (just not late at night). I may be hard to reach (I fly for a living) so feel free to leave me a voicemail and I'll call you back. Or you can send me a PM thru here (I'll have to check my settings to ensure I get email notification).
Thanks for looking!

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