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Hey y'all!

Here's the scoop, I've been 1st on the list @ my local dealer for 1 year 6 months ( 02/12/2011 : 7 months before the car was even revealed at the '11 Frankfurt show! <Thanks to hardcore forum lurking:D.>)

It finally got to the dealership and I changed my mind and placed an order for a slightly different configuration + ED + PCD. Also, depending on how far down the line I'm placed (11th I think) and how long it'll take. I just might hold out for a CC brake car. I'll see as the information becomes available to me.

The car is now available to go to a new home and my SA went out of his way to accommodate my desires so I'm trying to recoop some CARma by trying to speed the process of finding this M5 a warm home.

I hope you all will see this not as spam, but as a heads up to those who don't want to wait in line for one OR a lucky break for someone who shares my taste in F10 M5 configuration.

Brand New, 0 owner, 11 delivery miles.

Here is the Vehicle Inquiry Report.

Model Code 135G M5 Sedan USD 89,900.00

Color B41 Singapore Grey Metallic

Upholstery LKDA Sakhir Orange / Black Merino Leather

Options ZDA Driver Assistance Package 1,900.00
5AD Lane Departure Warning N/C
5AG Active Blind Spot Detection N/C
5DL Side and Top View Cameras N/C
8TH Speed Limit Info N/C
ZEC Executive Package 5,500.00
248 Heated Steering Wheel N/C
316 Power tailgate N/C
322 Comfort Access keyless entry N/C
323 Soft-close automatic doors N/C
415 Power rear sunshade N/C
416 Power rear sunshade with rear manual side window shades N/C
453 Front ventilated seats N/C
455 Active front seats N/C
496 Heated rear seats N/C
4NB 4-zone automatic climate control N/C
610 Head-up Display N/C
655 Satellite radio with 1 year subscription N/C
6NF Smartphone Integration N/C
6NR BMW Apps N/C
2NK M Carbon Ceramic Brakes 8,700.00 (ORDERED BUT NOT DELIVERED AS YOU WELL KNOW :cry: )
2NZ 20" M light alloy wheels Style 343M 1,300.00
320 Delete badge N/C
4CE Anthracite Wood Trim N/C
6F2 Bang & Olufsen Sound System 3,700.00
6FH Rear-seat entertainment Professional 2,200.00
6UK Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection 2,600.00
776 Anthracite Alcantara Headliner N/C
8S4 Variable Light Decoding N/C

As you can see the car is loaded. The Sakhir 'Orange' in real life is much like Coral/Fox, I adore it and I feel it's still pretty red-ish instead of orange.

Here are a few pictures:

Feel free to ask any questions via this thread or PM.

Or if you've seen/heard enough you should directly contact my SA @ BMW of Sterling.

Felix B. Bighem
Senior Sales & Leasing Client Advisor
Regional Sales Council / Honors

Phone: 571 434-1944 ex 1105
Fax: 571.434.9690

[email protected]

Thanks for looking, have a great life. :thumbsup:

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Words can't describe how beautiful this car is. I will definitely be on the lookout for anyone who wants to buy an f10 GLWS

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Awesome car...still waiting to test drive one before I pull the trigger on releasing my Dinan 550 and getting the M5 But I have to ask...why the badge delete?

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Awesome car...still waiting to test drive one before I pull the trigger on releasing my Dinan 550 and getting the M5 But I have to ask...why the badge delete?

Badge delete because I don't care much for labels, people who know enough about cars will recognize that it is an M5. I don't feel the need to show off. Plus I think it cleans up the rear of the car, less features that break up the end of it, giving it a somewhat wider-ish look.

Added benefit is that when I take this car to Paris haters will just think it is a taxi rather than scold it for being a gas guzzler. (Not really an issue for USA.)

You can always just buy the emblem and slap it on there later on though...

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So sick. I might change my m6 order to this combo.
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