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Bought this very recently, but I've decided to go in a different direction.

Located in the SF Bay Area.

This is absolutely the cleanest and most flawless R8 GT you'll find anywhere. It's also the most loaded with a $251K MSRP with every option from the factory. I've checked others for sale across the country and they all seem to be missing several options. It's definitely in a class of its own and extremely exclusive!

- #133 of 333 in the world, with only 90 in the US. Awesome number!

- The car was vinyl wrapped by the first owner from day one. The vinyl was recently removed and there isn't one blemish on the car whatsoever!

- Audi Pure Platinum Extended Warranty until July 2020 or 60k miles. This is the only exotic you can get with a warranty that long!

- Audi Care Plan for 5 years, so all services are paid for 5 years. The second year service was recently done.

- Tires and brake pads are virtually new.

- Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector Custom Installed.

- 10k miles of easy driving. Never tracked, never launched, never abused.

- I had a top detailer in the Bay Area call this car a unicorn because of its pristine condition. (Reference available).

- CA registration paid until July 2015.

I'm asking $177,000.


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