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Up for sale is my Noble M400 and my baby. I'm really going to miss this one. I have owned this car since Late 2009. Hoover from Turbo Hoses (The worlds foremost leader in Aftermarket Noble M12 / M400 Performance Upgrades and service) helped me allocate it from one of his clients. When I purchased it it had 1200 miles on it. I believe I am the 3rd owner but the 2nd owner to drive it as the 1st owner purchased a Porsche since the car took longer than expected for delivery. Either that or he just couldn't wait. When I purchased the car it had a new motor rebuild at 500 miles since the second owner forgot to check the oil after he purchased it. I have had a motor swap due to time constraints for participation in Gold Rush Rally 2010 and at that time Hoover swapped the old motor for a Stage 2 Motor.

Since I have owned it, Turbo hoses has done 100% of the maintenance and upgrades. I don't trust anybody else with this car. He has kept her on the road for me running strong. It has participated in spirited road drives and car shows and has been a absolutely great tool to promote my business. The car has NEVER been tracked or ran at the drag strip. I know, I know, its a shame, But I guess that would be a new adventure for the new owner to embark on. Also, I have never launched the car hard from 0-60 as I was told numerous times about how the car won't be able to take numerous hard launches. To be honest, you really don't need to as the car has enough power to scare you from a roll. It has been on Gold Rush Rally 2010 and Gold Rush Rally 3. This car is scary Fast and has will not dissapoint. In its's stock form this car does 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and the Qtr mile in 11.4 seconds. This car is approx 100HP over stock so those numbers are sure to be a little better :) Even better, this Noble is CA registered and Smog Exempt.

I have to sell the car as I need capital for my business expantion and since we are moving the shop to a new location. I would NOT sell this car if I did not have to.

The car needs a AC Charge and possibly a new audio deck. It works, but its just finnicky. I do have the stock wheels which I can include in the sale if the new owner wants it and a can of touch up paint. Also included in the sale is the final service from Turbo Hoses R&D. If the new owner likes, I can also wrap the car in a color of their choice. As far as pricing, it is for sale at $62.5k. Please send me a email at [email protected] if you may be interested. Thanks for looking.

Current Specs:

Car Year: 2006
Car Make: Noble
Car Model: M400
Car Color: Rosso Red
Chassis #119
Mileage: 18,100
Title: Clean
Accident History: Never been in any type of accident
Registration: CA Registered and Smog Exempt!!


Engine & Drivetrain:
Turbo Hoses Stage 2 Engine: V6 Duratec Twin Turbo engine (blue-printed and balanced)
Turbo Hoses Upgraded Bearings
Turbo Hoses Upgraded Valvetrain
Steel Track Pan with Baffle
Upgraded Radiator
Iconel Heat Shields over the Turbos
Turbo Oil Lines - Turbo Hoses Upgraded
Intake Plumbing - Turbo Hoses Aluminum Piping
Upgraded Intercooler - Factory Option
Turbo Hoses upgraded Intercooler Hardpipe
Kevlar Clutch
Upgraded Transmission Shiftforks
Fuel Lines - Turbo Hoses Upgraded
ECU Map - Turbo Hoses
Turbo oil drain hoses - Turbo Hoses Fluro Hose
Turbo Hoses Clamps
Tunnel Mod for interior cabin
3-Piece Customs DPE Wheels
Turbo Hoses cat-less exhaust system

I know I'm missing some more mods, argh.

Current Look

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