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Hey Everybody,

Unfortunately the time has come for me to part with my beloved beast of a car. Times are tough, and I as much as I'm going to hate to see this car go, priorities come first. I would NEVER sell this car if I didn't have to, but somebody is about to get really lucky on an amazing purchase! The car is a 2004 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG in Brilliant Silver with only 49,000 miles! The car comes equipped with all the basics, plus 6-CD Changer, Dynamic seats that are cooled/heated, pulse massaging and wrapped in supple charcoal AMG leather. Other options include F+R side airbags and Keyless GO. The car has an extensive service history and has always been dealer maintained. One of my close friends worked at a Benz Dealership and was able to go through the ENTIRE CAR back in 2007 and replace a LARGE list of items including but not limited to:

Catalytic Converters
Speedometer (Upgraded to 200MPH Speedometer Only Available On 2005+ Models)
All Suspension Bushings
All the Hydraulics in the Dynamic Seats
Transmission Valve Body
Supercharger Clutch (2006+)

Now onto the best part! This car has been extensively modified by the guys over at AI Design in NY, and received nothing but some of the most expensive parts available for this car at the time it was built. This one of a kind E55 was outfitted with the Brabus K8 package, which boosts the horsepower up from the already impressive 469HP to a mind boggling 530HP/570TQ!!!

The sheer speed of this car is unbelievable, and I can confidently say it's faster than some Ferrari's and even Lamborghini's....all while retaining 4 doors, and the ability of being able to cruise around in luxury, style and still be able to fly under the radar. To keep you from getting any speeding tickets, AI Designs did a phenomenal James Bond style V1 Mirror install which is etched into the face of the rearview mirror and sits completely flush behind the glass. Mated to the V1 are a pair of K40 Laser Diffuser/Radar Jammers that have saved my ass countless times! The best part about this car, is the incredible and one of a kind sound-system. Installed in the rear, is a fully custom diamond stitched leather enclosure which is home a JL W3V2 mated to a JL500/5 that also powers the JL component speakers that occupy the interior. This sound system is absolutely killer, and sure to make any audiophile very happy. The quality of the sub box is insane, and I have received compliments on it every time I've opened my trunk.

Car is also equipped with authentic Brabus Pedals, Doorsills, and Door Locks to finalize the look. Only exterior modification to the car is a Carbon Fiber Brabus lip that adds a touch of class with some Aerodynamic stability at high speeds, and a custom drop provided via Lowering links, both installed at RB Tech in Los Angeles. This car is the ultimate sleeper, and sure to impress everybody that gets in it!

Car is for sale at $34,500 OBO which is a complete steal considering this car is valued at over $120K with all of the modifications!!! This car is one of a kind, and guaranteed the only legitimate Brabus K8 E55 for sale in the US without any History or HIGH MILEAGE! Car has a carfax and is 100% clean, with no issues.
Feel free to contact me VIA Email @ [email protected] for more detailed pictures, or call me at (714)932-2413 to come and check the car out for yourself!


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sick car, glws.

I wont be in the market for an AMG till April 2011.

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Want! Want!Want!Want!Want!Want!Want!Want!Want!

Understatement pure but kicks some serious a$$. I love it.

Really wish I'd be in the market for it right now!

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