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Hey all been awhile.....looking to get some feedback from owners of Range Rover Sport 2010-2011 if any of you have had problems with your Front Windshield Defroster...not working ...fuses blowing ...etc

My vehicle Front window defroster wasn't working on one they change the fuse and off I went for xmas holidays on a 20hrs+ road trip to visit family. On our way back the vehicle started shutting down the whole dash was out so I decided to stop (smell of burning/melting plastic) and turn off the vehicle. After that it didn't want to know nothing...had power but vehicle wouldn't start. Roadside assistance came so we decided to unplug the positive wait a bit replugged it and still nothing opened junction box to make sure no fuses were gone and that's when we noticed evidence of heat damage on the cover, 2 melting fuses (front defroster) but still intact, so we decided to tow the vehicle to the dealer.

After a 5hr ride in the tow truck we get to dealer and once we open the door of the vehicle to get in the dash lights up and vehicle started but I didn't want to take a chance until the dealer looked into it...once they did they told me they need to change junction box + complete wire harness (main) cause everything had started to melt.

Its been 30 days since my vehicle has been at the dealer they go the new harness in and new junction box but now the vehicle wont even power up. When I spoke to Land Rover NA they told me they had never encountered this problem before and its the first time they hear about this the front window defroster causing all this. I even told them this was the most I had used the defroster since we had that crazy storm during my snow..etc.

So I decided to do some research and found the following Service Bulletin No.: LTB-00572-NAS-1 registered on 23 Sept, 2013

I would like to get some advice from people with experience what to do next cause obviously Land Rover NA have a huge problem which they are not admitting, they lied to me and its been 30days my vehicle is still at the dealer and I am probably not going to have it for another 1-2 weeks.

What are the laws here in Canada, can I break my lease? do I get a lawyer? what do you people suggest.

Forgot to mention 76,000km and i'm 4,000km from warranty so im lucky till now the cost would of been 15-20g and no vehicle...OUF!!!!
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