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This 2004 Speed Yellow 996TT cabriolet came into us for a full performance suite featuring the EVOMS GT610 PowerKit, a Milltek Exhaust, Bilstein PSS10 suspension with H&R sway bars, factory aerokit front lip and a TechArt rear wing. The package was tied together with satin black, yellow-pinstriped HRE C-93 wheels.

On the lift she goes. To get to the turbos you have to remove the exhaust, the bumper, heat shields and more..

Off with the intercoolers as well...

With the exhaust and headers off as well you can access the stock K16 turbos:

The last few oil lines being removed...

In naturally aspirated mode (not for long!):

On go the new GT28Alpha series turbos with new oil adapter fittings:

On the top side the EVO V-Flow intake & Hitachi MAF conversion is installed along with the EVOMS upgraded boost hose kit.

On goes the EVOMSit GT610 software with Hitachi MAF scaling and tuned for 91 octane:

With the PSS10 suspension installed it allows adjustable ride height and dampening:

To complete the look, the car received custom HRE C-93 18" 3-piece wheels in satin black with a matching yellow pinstripe:

TechArt rear wing

Aerokit front lip:

And finally ready for a test drive and to go home:

Top-down you can see the installed RSS Rollbar and 996GT3 Seats also installed:

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