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Still finishing up this move but busy in the mean-time... This local 2010 Grey/Red (as it was originally) themed 997.2RS came into us for a host of goodies including the SharkWerks Exhaust coupled with our larger diameter ceramic coated tips. We also tuned her with the EVOMSit software mapping. The red was replaced with silver and black giving her quite a different look indeed!

Arriving and in-line..

On the lift she goes...

Bumper cover off and on goes the SharkWerks Exhaust:

Meanwhile the Bosch Motronic ECU on the flash-bench...

A close-up of the larger diameter 88mm SharkWerks Tips:

There she is decked out in her silver motif...

But she can also wear black...

Ready to go home!

Meanwhile... another 2010 997GT3 project (with the EVOMSit, out tips, our exhaust and a few other goodies) was updated with satin-black powdercoated wheels.


A few other goodies:

There was also a brand new 2011 997TT S that came in to get "started". The entire car was wrapped by Premier in their new Satin guard style.

The first modification is a set of factory Porsche 997GT2 sideskirts:

Moving along is this project 997GT2 with a refresh of sorts. A 997GT2 motor out isn't something we see too often. There are a lot of trick differences vs the regular TT motor (intake manifold etc..) so here you go:)

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You guys have such a clean shop and operation is incredible! Nice whips!
Thank you! We're still moving in but mostly settled now:) Got a sweet blue 2011 RS in here today;)
Alex, these pics almost makes me want to ask you if you need any help and get my hands dirty with some Pcars. :whistle:
Haha always drew....
nice! i love that red gt3!!!
Saw your car in Total 911 btw... Great looker!
great pics, makes me wanna get back into P car again..haha
Do it!
Great pics and your shop is definitely a very clean enviornment, reminds me of the new eco-friendly McLaren factory. Any job openings? :wink:
Aw thanks! Well it's good except for when those nasty 1000hp no-cat turbos show up;)

Talk about heaven!
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