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Hello everyone! We are Frequency Intelligent Exhaust, new forum sponsor and glad to be here! Whether have you heard of us, let us introduce ourselves.

Our exhaust systems perfectly combine many years of expertise and modern technology to create the world's most advanced exhaust system for Premium Automobiles.

Take pride in knowing that every exhaust we build, every product we create is the fusion of FI's unique design prowess, our cutting-edge and signature Valvetronic© Technology, and Built-In Intelligent Controller is the perfect combination of comfort and performance.

Ever since our inception, our R&D team have consistently engineered high quality exhaust systems for enthusiasts who want a no-nonsense exhaust system that will perform and produce a superior sound.

From a deep bass tone to an exotic high-pitched Formula 1 sound. Every exhaust system is carefully sound tuned and rigorously tested to a specific frequency with our intelligent controller to produce maximum optimized performance.

FI Exhaust, the world's leading designer and fabricator of the best, high performance engine component systems.

The Unparalleled Design

We use computer to calculate gas stream to design each period of pipe thickness and diameter, and create the best of three different modules. Then, through the continuous measurement and test to make perfect sound and maximize the performance.

At last, we make a final decision with calm and caution to enhance the maximum horsepower and peak torque performance, breaking the restriction of original equipment manufacturing, accelerating exhaust gas stream rapidly at high revs, releasing maximum engine horsepower, and getting a best speed figure.

You can heard the passionate and the high-pitched sound of Formula one race car from this product.

When you cruise at low speed, valve system produce full back pressure to unleash the real powerful torque of the beast heart. Deep voice, and there is no drone in the car at all revs regions, so you can enjoy both of performance improvement and the perfect sound.

We can't describe the passion you will feel from our exhaust system. It can't merely be seen or heard on the video or photos!

Only what we can offer is how delicate and our special design of pipe to produce one-of-a-kind sound of Fi exhaust.

You will definitely feel the differences with our whole new level of exhaust engineering.

If you want to learn more about us, you can visit our website for more information.

Official website: Frequency Intelligent Exhaust - Valvetronic Technology for Supercars

You are also welcome to follow us on facebook Instgram, Google+, Youtube, Flickr

We are looking forward to have a highly interactive relationship with you!

If you have any question about Fi exhaust, please feel free to contact with us! We are glad to help you!


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