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As part of the online promotion for FAST FIVE, we're shooting a fun reality/competition (we use those words lightly) video to find the ultimate heist vehicle! The event is Wednesday April 13 at the Big track at Willow Springs!

We're looking for you to help determine what the contenders should be, and there will be equalizers so don't be afraid to run your Cayenne against a 458. The first competition is 2 laps around the track from a standing start (the scene of the crime) with a precision stop at the finish line (the safe house). Your crew is 3 people deep and your bounty is 2 twenty pound lawn bag sized sacks of cold, hard (fake) cash! Part of your total time includes loading your crew and the cash in the vehicle, so 4 seater 2 doors aren't an obvious choice.

This is where the equalizers come into play. You can run your 458, but time will be added to your total if you left one of your accomplices, or part of the take, back at the scene of the crime. The 458 is faster; the Cayenne carries everything; 'Penalties' level the playing field. Be aware that our Hosts, Matt Farah and Fireball Tim, can add or subtract a few seconds from your total time as well, based on their opinion of your ride as an ultimate heist vehicle, and any style points you brought to the table. You may want to bribe them.

The field will be narrowed down to 3 contenders who will run the course again, but this time with obstacles, fire drills and more to simulate the big heist.

The track day is FREE(!!) and the media coverage is FREE, but first you have to get your spot in the field. Post your submission for the ultimate heist vehicle at and Hosts Matt Farah and Fireball Tim along with myself, Producer Tim Whitcome, will select the contenders!

There will be some open track time to play around, as that's what this is really all about. We cover the cost of the track rental and the media, but like any track day transportation, tires and gas are on you.

Think you have an ultimate heist vehicle? Come out, have some fun and find out!

**Cars must at least appear to be street legal. No race cars, no gutted interiors**

See you there!
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