Crystal Cruises has announced sweeping new luxury options in sea – and air – travel. They’ll be launching new vessels, new brands and new classes in the ocean cruise, river cruise, and specialty yachting markets.

They’ve launched a new division, Crystal Air, that's offering the most luxurious air experience out there: a Boeing 787 Dreamliner that will tour 60 travelers, business-class only, around the world in 28 days.

Crystal Luxury Air will be the first in the luxury travel industry to offer around-the-world vacations. “Crystal in the Sky” stops at 10 to 12 remote or sought-after destinations, with accommodations in top hotels and resorts. The plane normally seats 300, but the extra seats have been replaced with flatbed-seats and access to special lounges.

This has to me the most comfortable and luxurious way to experience iconic world events, nature, season, food and wine, history, and culture.