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Some of you know that I get a lot of my GT mods from my friend Rob at Tunerworks down in Calgary. Well, I think maybe he's the devil. The devil (Rob) sold me my Dymags. Now he's tempted me with some Penske adjustable Coilovers. So.....I went to pick up my new Penske shocks for my GT from my buddy Rob (the Devil) down in Calgary. To greet me, Rob called up some of my southern GT brethern who showed up with their hot rides. Man, I sure do think that Alberta knows how to dress up their GT's!!! And it seems like none of us like the stock wheels! Now I wish that I would have taken my GT instead of my 911TT down there!!! Here's some pics of their cars!!

I can't decide if I like the wheels on the black car best or the ADV1 wheels on the tungsten car best. Suffice to say I wish I could have them both!! But the bumper delete on the black car gives it the win!! :clap:


1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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