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I have just acquired two beautiful Antique Vault Doors, both are in the process of being refurbished to as new condition.

This is an opportunity to own two very rare and unique pieces of history. These amazing vault doors were recently removed from their original location from a bank in West Virginia. The removal of these vault doors was a major mechanical feat, as the bank it protected was built around the vault, making removal nearly impossible. They served as the main lobby vault for a large bank for many years, as well as the main vault for a jewelry store. During the nearly 100 years these vault doors were in the original building, they survived many environmental casualties and burglary attempts. The surge of popularity in these doors combined with minimal production makes these antique vault doors a very rare find.

These doors can be used as a decorative piece for a garage, any interior door (wine cellar or game room) or for security purposes on a vault room. I apologize for the poor quality pictures, these are the only ones I have at this time -

Round Crane Hinge Door -

Crane Hinge Door -

We can arrange shipping and installation worldwide.

Please contact me directly with any questions.

Matt C. Goldstein
Brown Safe Manufacturing, Inc.
Safes – Luxury Home Safes | Brown Safe Mfg.
[email protected]
Office: 760-233-2293
Cell: 760-807-3752

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Completely random, but I had no idea the boys over at Brown Safe were desert racers.

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