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Just saw this though all your Ferrari Guys might want to take a look..

"The latest offering from the Ferrari Store is the limited edition silver sculpture of the Prancing Horse, a legend in the history of motoring and the symbol of the Maranello House throughout the world. The very symbol reminds us of the year 1923, when Ferrari won his first trophy in Savio and met Countess Baracca, from whom he received an inscription and an invitation to use the Prancing Horse as a good luck charm on his own cars. This limited edition Prancing Horse, weighing in at 850 grams, has been made entirely in silver and stands 20 centimeters high.

The sculpture is delivered in an eye-catching red box. The plexiglass base featuring an etched and numbered label guarantees the exclusivity of the limited edition. Only 99 units will be offered for sale, with each costing US $6,664."

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