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Alright I have a fairly new Wifi only 16GB iPad Air. It has the original box as you can see from the pics and it is in almost perfect condition. No scratches or scuffs at all. It is rarely used. Like I stated in my original post I am being given another new one with a data plan through work so will have even less use for this as is. I can take more pics if someone wants, but really its an iPad and its in great shape. I will also include the case that it is currently in. Material property Material property Electronic device Paper Black Rectangle Technology Electronic device Square

I am looking for 390 shipped with regular paypal and 380 shipped with paypal gift. I'm not a struggling college student looking for money so if your plan is to just lowball..........good luck.

I am also looking for trades, but not normal trades like other electronics. I am looking for "Game Used" sports equipment/jerseys/shoes. I collect it as a hobby and sometimes its hard to track down the right piece, so therefore if you have something cool to trade, I'm in! I'll even include cash with the iPad if its something I want. Teams I'd be interested in are the Lakers/49ers/USC Trojans/LA Dodgers/Milwaukee Brewers.

Oh also I don't check the forum quite as much as I used to. Send me an email at [email protected]
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