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After the tremendous success of our 32 supercharger pulley, we decided to go ahead with our E55 pulley as well!
The new pulley is smaller then the current stock pulley and allows for the same amount of boost gain as the larger 172mm crank pulley!

Eurocharged Performance Pulley

Make: Mercedes Benz
Model: AMG 5.5 V8
Series: 55
Years: 2003-2006

84mm in diameter. This is about 7mm smaller than the stock pulley.
1.5 to 2 psi increase (vs stock supercharger pulley with stock crank pulley)
2.5lbs (1 pound less than stock) 28.5% reduction in weight
About the same as running a 168-170mm crank pulley in power, 40-45RWHP/60-65RWTQ with Eurocharged Performance Engine Software
Includes remote tuning cable and EuroFlash software to allow us to remotely flash tune the car from the comfort of your home! We customize all tunes for your location, gas you use, and mods on the car!

Eurocharged Performance Speedshift TCU Tuning also Avaliable
Improvements Include:
- Modification of Torque Management Settings
- Faster Shifting
- Raised RPM Limiter
- Raised Torque Limiters

$850 + shipping

PM for more details or visit our website! We are happy to answer any questions.

SC pulley.JPG
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