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Before I even list this thing can we keep the thread clean of any V1 vs. Escort (etc) stuff! Everyone has their opinion and that's fine, but this is not the thread for it!

Anyways, as you see in the title I am selling my Escort Redline Radar Detector with the Escort Live Service and Module. The Escort Live module I purchased is the one built for direct wire so it can be installed cleanly rather than coil cords running everywhere. There isn't much to say about the radar detector itself other than it works amazingly well and the range it has is second to none. This paired with the Escort Live service imo makes it the best option out there. With the radar detector I am also including all of the accessories that I purchased for it including the direct wire setup that allows you to tap the power of your rear view mirror for an even cleaner installation. I have owned the RD for about a year and appears like new. I'll post generic links below so you can see all the specific details of what is included. All in all to buy this yourself its about $600 i'm asking $450 OBO + 3% PayPal fees and Ill ship anywhere in lower 48 states free. Sorry for the grainy pics if your serious I can send you any pic you might want. Thanks for looking!

Escort Redline Info

Escort Live

Live S/N


Escort Live Direct Wire Mirror Tap (Cost around $30 but allows you to avoid running wires all around your car to your fuse box)

New Single Suction Cup Mount

How I had it setup/mounted (mount not included)

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