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I have an interesting situation this weekend due to a bizarre set of circumstances with a friend and now I have a one time shot in a skills based pick em (ie this is not gambling, it was a contest).

anyway I need 6 winners from this line (MUST get all 6 correct).

this is the line, and it is fixed.

TB 2.5 STL 1PM
SF 3 Car 1PM
Atl 3.5 Cin 1PM
Chi 3 Was 1PM
Bal 13 Buf 1PM
Ten 3.5 Phi 1PM
KC 3.5 Jac 1PM
NO 13 Cle 1PM
Pit 3 Mia 1PM
Sea 5.5 Arz 4PM
Den 4.5 Oak 4PM
GB 3 Min 8PM
Dal 3 NYG 8PM

favorites on left of course.

I have NO CLUE and i believe that in general the odds are just as good if a monkey throws darts at it...

Just for you math guys (or rather, no math guys):

There are 14 games, and there can only be a Win or Loss (pushes = a loss). That is 28 possible outcomes. I need to pick 6 games.

So, 28 outcomes, taken 6 at a time, with no repeats (cant pick nyg twice for instance), and order of picking does not matter =

376740 possible combinations!!!

Now, many of those combinations will prove to be right after this weekend, but most wont. That is why a 3-4-5-6 game parlays are such bad bets.

On NFL weekends with all 16 games it is over 900,000 combinations (taken 6 at a time)

Again, there is no money on the line, I know nothing about sports betting, and this is part of a contest, so no hard feelings and I'm not asking for picks (i'm not betting anything)...its like one of those casino promotion things, and this is the final round and special prize available for 6-0.
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