Alpina has always held a unique position among BMW tuners. Instead of just adding horsepower and a flashy bodykit, a greater emphasis is put on ride quality and luxury. You might remember that Alpina even replaced the Z8’s six-speed manual transmission with an automatic!

That’s not to say Alpina BMWs aren’t blindingly fast — not by any means. The latest evidence is this, the Alpina B7 BiTurbo. Here are five things you should know about it.

5. BMW Won’t Build You an M7, so Alpina did.

Audi has the S8 and Mercedes-AMG has the S63 and S65, but BMW’s M Performance division has never built an M7. The Alpina B7 is about as close as you’ll get to a high-performance, full-size BMW luxury sedan. You can even buy one from a BMW dealer.

4. It produces gobs of power.

The B7 rivals even the mighty AMG S65 in terms of outright horsepower. Its twin-turbo, 4.4-liter V8 produces an even 600-hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. Despite the heavily boosted engine, Alpina claims it has a very linear power curve and excellent throttle response.

3. It’s faster to 60 mph than an M3.

With 0-60 times of 3.9 seconds, BMW’s M3 and M4 twins are quick cars by any measure, but the B7 is even quicker. It sprints to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds and on to a top speed of 192 mph — incredible stuff for a full-size luxury sedan.

2. It has hypercar-like active aerodynamics.

The iconic BMW twin kidney grille hides a secret in the B7. It’s fitted with an active air flap system that opens at low speeds to aid engine cooling and closes at high speeds to make the nose more aerodynamic. It’s the sort of stuff that, until now, is only found in high-end supercars.

1. Alpina will customize the B7 suit almost any taste.

Alpina’s Manufaktur customization division will deliver your new B7 with just about any exterior color, though they might draw the line at persimmon. A limitless variety of interior color options are also on offer. The interior, by the way, comes swathed in unique Lavalina leather, and the steering wheel gets a unique Alpina logo with hallmark blue, green stitching.