When you're talking about Italian exotics, the term “affordable” is relative—but considering the prices commanded by new Lamborghinis, there are some good deals to be found. Here are five affordable Lamborghinis; some of which are only affordable if you've already got a supercar-sized bank account.

Lamborghini Gallardo

The Gallardo played second fiddle to Lambo's larger and more expensive cars. Over its decade-long production run (2003-2013) it became the brand's best-selling model, with over 14,000 built. No surprise that it's a bargain on the used market: There are plenty of Gallardos with asking prices under $100,000. If you want to be seen, go for the drop-top Gallardo Spyder, which commands around $10,000 more.

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Lamborghini Murciélago

The Murciélago is the previous version of the “big” Lambo, having been replaced by the Avendator (though the two were built side-by-side between 2011 and 2013). With a V12 engine under the hatch, the Murciélago appeals more to purists than the V10-powered Gallardo, and yet prices aren't too much higher: You'll find several cars trading in the $130,000 to $150,000 range, though if you want one of the LP640 models, plan to spend closer to $200k.

When you consider they cost roughly twice that when new, this really is a steal.

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Lamborghini LM002

Before Porsche, Maserati, or even Audi thought of building an SUV, Lamborghini was there with the LM002: A four-wheel-drive monster that makes a Hummer H2 look like a Nissan Sentra. With its screaming V12 engine and beefy tires, the LM002 is built to conquer the jungle Land Rover style—but with an Italian supermodel in the passenger seat (as opposed to a Labrador and a pint of Häagen-Dasz). The LM002 wasn't exactly a sales success; Lambo built less than four hundred over a seven-year production run. They don't come cheap—we've seen them selling in the $300,000 to $400,000 range—but they sure are unique.

Remember, we said "relatively speaking". . .

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Lamborghini Countach

If you're a child of the 1980s, you probably had a Countach on your wall, so why not put one in your driveway? With its straight-line styling and scissor-style doors, the Countach remains the penultimate Lamborghini. Owing to its age—and the fact that there have been three generations of V12-powered Lambos since Countach production stopped in 1990—you'd expect cheap prices. Unfortunately for you, these cars have held their value: You're looking at spending $350,000 to $500,000 for one of these classics. Buy one anyway. Samantha Fox is waiting for a ride.

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Lamborghini Diablo

The V12-powered Diablo really is a bargain: spaced between the iconic Countach and the modern Murciélago, the Diablo suffers from classic middle-child syndrome. It's a beautiful car, one that harks back to the original Countach (before Lamborghini went nuts with scoops and spoilers). Prices are relatively tame: Rear-drive Diablos can be found for less than $200,000, while all-wheel-drive VT coupes and roadsters can be found in the $180,000 to $280,000 range.

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