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Hey all,

I received a coupon for "1 free handrolled cigar" LOL from local cigar shop, but 15% off of any other cigar. I'm not a huge cigar fan, but I'll smoke one on occasion. I feel like this 15% off any cigar could actually get me to buy one of these higher end cigars which I normally wouldn't look at. Does anybody have a suggestion on a lighter-ish, shorter-ish, cigar that you would recommend?

Next weekend I am bringing an old friend to a higher-end whiskey and cigar bar in Philadelphia, so I'd like to find similar cigar I could find at this place I'd enjoy with my whiskey(s)

Im sure there are other questions needed to be answered to determine a type of cigar for me, but I am really just looking for an "entry level", quality cigar that can be enjoyed with a glass of bourbon/whiskey which I can try out this week before meeting with an old friend at a quality cigar/whiskey bar.

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