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Hey guys; I want to share with you the first modification to my 2012 C250! Some start with exhaust and intake, others wheels and tires, and still others body modifications, but I wanted to begin somewhere else - the climate control.

Many of you know the standard system simply either takes in ambient air or recirculates air from within the cabin, with no special processing to improve occupant comfort. Only recently have Mercedes-Benz addressed this with the new S-Class' swappable perfume cartridges, but I have developed a solution for the rest of us in the interim - the YC Mod (Yankee Candle Mod).

This involves no tools but the following:
- Yankee Candle Scent Sticks (various part numbers and scents)
- Steady hands

Remove the Scent Sticks from their packaging; the parts have an interference fit with their housing, so take care when removing them. Then, rotate the face plate 90 degrees to the following orientation pictured here.

DSC_2832m by Lunitic, on Flickr

DSC_2833m by Lunitic, on Flickr

Now you need to decide placement within your cabin and on which slats you want the Sticks to reside, making sure their ends do not interfere with the internal structure of the vents so they can move freely. Unfortunately the vertical adjustment range is slightly inhibited independent of where you place them, but the horizontal range remains pretty clear.

When you've found your ideal location, carefully slide the Stick onto the slat until it is fully inserted. Move the vent throughout its full range to ensure its operation is free, and adjust the Sticks' placement accordingly. Repeat with the other Sticks, power up the ventilation system, and enjoy your updated perfumed climate control system!

Work In Progress by Lunitic, on Flickr

Installation Complete by Lunitic, on Flickr

Thankfully luck was on my side today and this very technical modification went smoothly for me. If you have any trouble feel free to post, or post your own results. Happy holidays! :D:D:D
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