Finally received my Panerai 112...

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Sent it off for service via UPS on 08/07/10. Finally returned back to my house today, 09/02/10.

Too bad it never made it to service, and I'm out $114.16, but at least I have the watch in my possession. Now I just hope Panerai will acknowledge my, now expired, warranty.:(

Also, the lady at Post Net told me she had talked to UPS, and they confirmed that watches aren't "jewelry".

Not taking any chances, sending it via USPS or Fedex insured with Parcel Pro. At least I'll be working in San Antonio, so shipping won't be as expensive from there.:laugh:
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Glad to hear it arrived back home safe and sound. What a disaster, but at least it turned out mostly positive. Lesson learned and you still have the watch, so I'd say that's a happy ending.
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