Finally pulled the trigger. (E85 tuned)

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Friend talked me into switching to E85 fuel. I was running just pump with methanol injection, but due to E85s 105 octane rating, I figured why not. So, $1,800 later, I purchased the Bosche 044 drop in fuel pump with a check valve, EV 14 72# injectors with stock 4 bar FBR, and the VAST E85 tune with a 91 tune for if I can't find a station that sells it.

I'm shooting for 450 AWHP or around 550/560 CHP.

I'll post up some logs later, but as it was sitting with 91 w/ meth, it was around 400 WHP.
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Do you have any pictures or videos or both of your car?
Soon. I have video of my car up at altitude and some pulls when I was only running 18lbs and no meth. And a short clip on youtube with meth and 22lbs with a weak tune..

The e85 is not even comparable to my last set up. I'll have to get more videos.
^^ yup.. You're from San Diego also! There are about 3 E85 stations around here. One in particular is Bressie Ranch in Carlsbad. I'll be filling up tomorrow along with 15 gallons (3 - 5 gal. jugs).

Are you going on the L4p C&C run to Javiers? If you want to caravan with other San Diegans, call me at 760 717 8050.

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