Finally pulled the trigger. (E85 tuned)

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Friend talked me into switching to E85 fuel. I was running just pump with methanol injection, but due to E85s 105 octane rating, I figured why not. So, $1,800 later, I purchased the Bosche 044 drop in fuel pump with a check valve, EV 14 72# injectors with stock 4 bar FBR, and the VAST E85 tune with a 91 tune for if I can't find a station that sells it.

I'm shooting for 450 AWHP or around 550/560 CHP.

I'll post up some logs later, but as it was sitting with 91 w/ meth, it was around 400 WHP.
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Nice! Don't think I could commit to it though due to the fact that it is hard to find and good luck going on road trips and being able to refuel! Do post up vids and pics though!
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