Ferrari’s LaFerrari exclusive run will be limited to just 499 cars. But if the latest rumors are true, there could be more of Ferrari’s flagship model available to potential customers.

The rumors of an open-top LaFerrari started to surface around a year after the original coupe was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. And those rumors are swirling again; the convertible version has allegedly been shown at a private viewing to prospective buyers.

If this open-top comes to fruition, the car would be the third iteration of the LaFerrari – in addition to the coupe, there are around 40 track-only models (the FXX K). The number of convertible LaFerraris that might be built is expected to be 50 or more.

Ferrari’s 70 th anniversary is next year, so they may reveal the open-top – if it truly exists – ahead of their 2017 deliveries.