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Few of the Ferrari i was working on in the last 4 months. not everybody want to spend $ on correction , and i am in business for general /any kind of detail, wash and wax is part of it.
Is not a glorious 20 hours /100 pictures correction , but is fun to work on this cars.

2010 Ferrari California , in a dark blue color.
interior ( doors and seats ) got 303 protectant , exterior was wash with 2 buckets and onr , as protection i use optimum car wax , same wax on wheels after was cleaned, on tires meguiar`s m40.
few shots after :

Ferrari 458 Italia
the car was cleaned for delivery ,
onr wash with 2 buckets , air dry with a blower , optimum car wax on paint and wheels, wipe down interior, m40 on tires , vacuum , clean windows in and out ( in is a pain)
2 hours all process

Ferrari F430 Spider had some light water spots , and in need of refresh.
- 303 protectant on all leather ( console , back panels , dashboard, seats, doors)
- vacuum
- optiseal on all carbon fiber
- onr wash with 2 buckets
- vinegar on the panels with water spots
- wheels was wash with onr , dress with optimum car wax , m40 on tires
- optimum car wax on paint and clear bra
- 303 water guard on soft top
all pic are after:


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Austin auto detailing

Ferrari California
Mission: remove bugs, refresh the exterior
- onr wash , claybar front of the car
- bug sponge and some poorboys bug squash
-windows in/out
- opti-seal as protection
- optimum car wax on wheels, m40 on tires



Ferrari F355 Spider
Mission: refresh the exterior and interior
- 303 protectant on leather
- vacuum
- m40 on tires , optimum car wax on wheels
- onr wash
- optimum car wax
- plexus polish on plastic rear window, but failed , it hasn`t been clean for years, it may need a different process

pic after:

Red Ferrari California
, got some onr 2 bucket wash and optimum car wax [/B]


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austin luxury and exotic car detailing

Wow, i thought you worked at a dealership with that many Fcars coming to you.
they call me once in a while.
forgot few more to post, lately i just stop taking pictures... :

F430 spider , red , wash with onr 2 buckets , air dry, wax with optimum and car wax. the rear window was polish with plexus. inside the seats was treated with meguiar`s m180. wheels got optimum car wax , top was clean and protected with 303 fabric guard.

550 maranello
, was the only one that was in good shape, but still some fresh wax did a difference. onr wash with 2 buckets , air dry , wax with opti-seal and car wax, interior done with 303 protectant.

Ferrari F1

the cars was at some event , i was asked to give them a refresh , wipe down , and wax
exterior is beat up, needs a lot of work , but the engine is what matters on those cars.
the pic was taken with cellphone.

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