A video of a suspected prototype for the Ferrari Purosangue SUV has been uploaded to YouTube, giving us our first glimpse at the Italian brand’s first-ever utility vehicle.

The prototype is based on the Ferrari GTC4Lusso and features lifted, loosely sprung suspension. In the video, the vehicle drives forward slightly before stopping and reversing. The driver may have decided to reverse back behind the bushes after seeing the curious videographer on the other side of the fence, although hiding this mule is a bit pointless – Ferrari’s made no secret of its forthcoming SUV.

Ferrari announced the SUV would be called ‘Purosangue’ during a press conference held in September, but it’s not clear if this is an official name or simply a working title. The vehicle, which has also been referred to as the ‘FUV’ (Ferrari Utility Vehicle), is expected to launch in 2022 and will feature a hybrid powertrain. It’s staying tight-lipped in regards to the engine, but the automaker is believed to be working on hybrid technology that can pair with both its twin-turbo V8 and upcoming twin-turbo V6.

Electrified vehicles will form the bulk of Ferrari’s future product lineup. The automaker estimates that 60 percent of all Ferrari-branded vehicles sold by 2022 will be hybrids, with the first of these new hybrids set to arrive shortly in the form of a mid-engine supercar.

The Ferrari SUV, or FUV, or Purosangue, or whatever you want to call it, is expected to launch in 2022.
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