Would you buy a bottle of Ferrari Perfume for your Ferrari

Ferrari Perfumes

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I just came across Ferrari Perfumes and was surprised to see so many fragrances.

They just launched Red Power, Leather Essence, and Scuderia Ferrari.

Is this something you would buy?
Not sure what the price points are, I couldn't find them on google.

Not sure if I would, I guess I would have to smell them lol!
Here the Ferrari Perfume website where you can find store locations.

Here's a poll too. Would you buy one for your Ferrari?
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I've seen Ferrari cologne at those sketchy "discount" perfume/cologne shops at malls before but never at department stores...
I like Chanel Bleu. But on their ferrari perfume website apparently there are dedicated stores. I have not seen one, but wanted to know if you guys had.
I bought Gucci guilty black today and saw some Ferrari colognes on the website. I guess it's less tacky when I'm driving the fcar than gold jewelry and a track suit;). No chest hair either fml.

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Damn gotta step up my cologne game. Currently on that AXE trollololol
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I have some Ferrari Black. Don't like it that much
No because I don't wear Perfumes.

but in all seriousness I actually got a Ferrari cologne with a Ferrari diecast model for my graduation and at first it smelled heavenly, but the smell is dying down on me. Not just that but I don't think the smell lasts the whole day
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