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Not ordinary, only masterpiece.

Fi Exhaust has the high standard quality on all of our the products. Our mission is to break through the limit and be the best exhaust manufacture in the world.

We believe the only way to reach the goal is to focus on every single detail of our products, and respect both products and cars.

There is no denying that people have different tastes on sounds. We truly believe that the sound our exhausts make talks.

Loudness, Torque, Horsepower and controlled exhaust sound, each part you care, Frequency Intelligent Exhaust has done a great deal.

Ferrari F12 Fi Complete Exhaust System includes:
Valvetronic system / Mid-X Pipe / Catback Valvetronic Muffler / Stainless Tips

Please visit our website for complete information:

Special thanks to PP-Performance

Optional Choice: Ceramic Coating Tips

Fi exhaust X Ferrari F12 with History of F1 engine sound:

Ferrari F12 fitted with Fi exhaust on the dyno test:

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