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this is not full correction even if 95% correction was achieve. first was interior: 303 protectant and some leather cleaner conditioner.

some rookie in production line practice on every panel of this car.

U got the idea
now to correction part... i start with g110 meg polish pad and 205 and didn`t work , i change with sonus polish pad and 205 didn`t work, i use first time optimum hyper polish spray and meg polish pad , didn`t work. with all this the result was still not to my expectations so i took out of bag flex DA and with 3m ultrafina combo and hit the test panels.
bumpers was the worse , so i have to do 2 tests. one on door and one on bumper.
here is the result, first 3 passes was with weight on flex , the last passes was light to ensure i do not leave any holo or haze.
all test spots was ipa spray , let sit and wipe clean.

after correction the car was pull out of garage and got some foam action (mix dawn and hyper soap) and 2 bucket wash

as protection i choose opti-seal.

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