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Ferrari 458 x Armytrix Titanium X-Pipe Valvetronic mufflers x Custom Matte Black Tips

Official website:
Inquiry: [email protected]

*F1 High-pitch Race mode & Street mode in one price
*Unique titanium aggressive tone
*Liberty walk Ferrari 458 edition
*Flame thrower
*Constructed in full titanium, only weight 7.6 k.g
*The best titanium exhaust pipes welding quality in the market
*Ultimate weight saving machine
*Drone well-handled inside the car
*+ Noticeable Bhp Gain Typically
*+ Low/Mid-Range Torque
*Sharper Throttle Response
*Leading the market with 3 wireless remote control functions
*Back-pressure maintained @ low rpm in auto function
*The best all-around Ferrari 458 aftermarket exhaust system in the market
*It's an attention stealer in every way
*More driver enjoyment

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