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The team of Frequency Intelligent Exhaust enjoy focusing on each Fi product, and devoting our passion.

Through the Fi exhaust, we hope every car owner receive our passion of engineering.

Fi exhaust is not merely a brand, but an attitude, a lifestyle and different view point.

Many thanks to the owner of Ferrari 458 Italia who has willing to offer the pictures of installed our product.

We seldom to meet such a nice person who specially took so many pictures for us.(Most of our customers can't wait to step on the accelerator)

Frequency Intelligent Exhaust system packed in the premier wooden case. Not only to satisfy sense of sight, but also to protect the exhaust intensively.

Opening the wooden case, you will find there are many sponge shock absorbing to protect exhaust pipe thoroughly and insure each part will arrive safely, and we use thick air bubble sheet to wrap up every single part.

Each package has a sticker on it to indicate which parts it is.

After took off the seal, you can see the symmetry of Triple-style tail pipe and its detail of high quality weld.

This picture is the OEM exhaust of Ferrari 458 Italia. As you can see, its pipe line is simpler than Fi exhaust.

The titanium blue plating tips. We offer many optional choice of tips color.

We polish every detail of period and there is product number on each Fi exhaust. It can help us on TQM (Total Quality Management).

Ready to fit on the new Fi downpipe.

The OEM downpipe is much bigger than Fi exhaust. It's obvious that the weight and gas flow of the OEM is ...

Except the downpipe, comparing to the OEM and Fi exhaust system, you will find that the pipe line of the Frequency Intelligent exhaust system is more complicated.

Whatever is the pipe line, diameter, thickness have been calculated the best gas flow by computer.

Almost done...(yet to equip the tips)

The PERFERCT combination of the Ferrari 458 Italia and Frequency Intelligent exhaust system.

At last, we offer the testing video of exhaust sound, to let you experience the level of Formula One sound.

Please visit our official website for complete information: Ferrari 458 Italia / Spider Valvetronic Exhaust System - Fi-Exhaust
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