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Diabolical. Menacing. Hellish. Beastly. These are all words that are synonymous in depicting Ferrari's newly leaked 458 GTC. As die-hard car enthusiasts, we are always on edge waiting for the next leaked rumors from exotic car manufacturers. Ferrari is definitely a name that resounds highly with affection here at our office. The global car community cannot wait to see Ferrari's newest monster out in action tearing up the track and possibly its competition as a byproduct.

Although no official numbers have been provided, the Ferrari 458 GTC is said to be limited to 470 hp because of ACO (Automobile Club de l'Ouest) rules. This is 100 horsepower less than the 458 Italia street car and 30 less horsepower than the Ferrari F430 GT2. Weight is down to 2,745 pounds but up 60 pounds from the F430 GT2. The suspension is untouched but its seven-speed DCT is replaced with a six-speed SMG unit and the wheels are downsized from 20 to 18 inches. Cost? €480,000 or approximately $640,000.

This is the third time the 458 GTC has hit the Fiorano test track as it preps for the Sebring 12 Hours endurance race in next season's American Le Mans Series.

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